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Comoros Government Seeks Military Action Against Anjouan’s President


The union government of the Comoros Islands says the only way to remove the embattled president of one of its islands from power is through the use of force. Although leaders say Comoros appreciates and welcomes efforts by the African Union (AU) to bring peace and stability to the island group, the government insists that toppling President Mohamed Bacar from power can only be accomplished through military means. This follows proposed AU economic and travel sanctions on the Anjouan leadership.

The government also ruled out any dialogue to solve the impasse saying it would be condoning to the whims and caprices of Bacar. The government adds that it plans to deploy its own military soon to end what it describes as Mohamed Bacar’s rebellion. From the capital Moroni, Comoros Vice President Idi Nidhom tells reporter Peter Clottey that military force is the only option to bring order to Anjouan.

“We appreciate a lot what the African Union is doing to solve this problem of rebellion in Anjouan. And we hope that this time, that the African union would take the appropriate measures so that these rebels in Anjouan can realize that this is no joke. He has to go. He has to accept that free and fair elections are held in that island of Anjouan,” Nidhom pointed out.

Vice President Nidhom says the AU’s targeted sanctions against Anjouan leaders would not achieve the desired objective.

“The opinion is: these sanctions will have no effect, whatsoever. But if they see it as it is the only way they can solve this problem, okay. The African Union can do that. But honestly, the Comorian people would have wished that the African Union use its forces to remove that guy…that person in Anjouan. That is the only way the Anjouanese can understand that this is no joke. He has to go. He has to accept free and fair elections. We believe that the African Union should use its military forces to remove that rebel, full stop,” he said.

Nidhom resolved that the union government will resort to using its own military if efforts by the African Union to bring about peace and stability to Anjouan fails.

“We have engaged this process with the African Union. We have to wait and see. But it has a limit. If we see that the sanctions and other measures do not give the desired results expected, we would have no other choice than use our own forces to go to remove that guy. Whatever cost it would have, that is the only choice which would be left,” Nidhom noted.

The Comorian vice president ruled out any form of dialogue with the beleaguered president of Anjouan.

“To negotiate with Bacar, there is no way. To negotiate with Bacar is to accept that he remains in power, and that is not acceptable to the Comorian people,” Nidhom emphasized.