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SPLM Suspends Participation in Sudan’s National Government


The ruling party of southern Sudan, Sudan people’s liberation movement (SPLM) on Thursday suspended participation in the national government. Last Thursday Party officials said 18 ministers in the central government would not report to work until key issues were resolved.

Sam Ibok is an ambassador and advisor to African Union. VOA reporter Akwei Thompson asked him what led to the SPLM’s decision to suspend participation the national government.

"From the information we’re having there have been problems in terms of the relationship between the government of national unity partners, some problems which have not been resolved, some actions which were taken which have now resulted in the withdrawal of SPLM members from the government of national unity”, Ibok said

The UN Ambassdor said the SPLM’s decision was foreseeable. “There have been complaints from the SPLM partners in the government of national unity, that the Comprehensive Peace agreement is not being implemented the way it should be. They complain also, that resources are not allocated as planned. The SPLM suggested, not sufficient attention is being paid to the issues of the southern government and consolidation of peace in the south.”