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Defections Are A Huge Blow For Kibabi


As campaigning for the 2007 elections heats up in Kenya the ruling party of national unity (PNU) has suffered a major political blow as a number of its party-members have recently defected to the opposition, Orange Democratic Movement, ODM party. Recent surveys have president Mwai Kibaki, leader of the PNU trailing in the polls behind Raila Odinga, leader of the ODM. For an overview of the latest defections and their implication for the ruling party. voa reporter Akwei Thompson spoke with Joseph Magoott, research and political analyst in Nairobi, Kenya.

Magoott reiterated that with the defection of key ministers from the government, President Mwai Kabaki suffered a huge political blow. “We’ve had the honorable ….”

Magoott said the defection of health minister, Charity Ngiluis a plus for the opposition ODM because she injects an issue of gender that “will make Raila Odinga smile…”