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Suicide Bomber at Least Kills 8 in Northern Iraq


A suicide bombing has killed at least eight poeple and injured at least 26 in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk.

Iraqi police say the attacker blew up a car packed with explosives Sunday at a bus terminal.

In Baghdad, meanwhile, authorities say at least ten tribal leaders from Diyala province were kidnapped today after meeting with a government official.

Police say the leaders, who were part of a group that opposes al-Qaeda in Iraq, were ambushed while driving through the predominantly Shi'ite Shaab neighborhood.

In southern Iraq, U.S. forces are planning to hand over control of the mostly Shi'ite province of Karbala to Iraqi authorities on Monday.

Karbala will be the eighth of Iraq's 18 provinces to be transferred to Iraqi control. U.S. troops say they will step in if Iraqi forces ask for help.

Karbala is home to the shrines of two revered Shi'ite saints Imam Abbas and Imam Hussein. Rival Shi'ite militias have been struggling for power in the province. Fighting between them killed 52 people in August during a major pilgrimage festival.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP, AP and Reuters.