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Bolivian Police Disperse Protesters With Tear Gas as Constitutional Assembly Resumes Work

Bolivian police have used tear gas to disperse demonstrators in the southern city of Sucre, as members of an assembly rewriting Bolivia's constitution resumed their work there.

The delegates are considering a proposal to move Bolivia's executive and legislative branches of government back to Sucre from their present home in La Paz. A majority of delegates met at a military school Friday, for security purposes, while some opposition delegates boycotted the meeting.

The session took place three months after the assembly was forced to suspend its work, in part, due to violent protests over the relocation issue.

Critics have said moving the capital from La Paz to Sucre would cost the impoverished country billions of dollars and divide the nation.

Sucre was Bolivia's capital during the 19th century but lost the executive and legislative branches to La Paz following a brief civil war in the late 1880s. Sucre, however, is still home to Bolivia's highest courts.