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Tadic: No More Senseless Wars for Serbia

Serbian President Boris Tadic says he will never again involve Serbian soldiers in what he describes as "senseless wars."

President Tadic told Serbian media Wednesday that the army will only act under domestic and international law.

Mr. Tadic said extremists would like to see Serbia fight a new war in Kosovo. He also said such a battle would only result in the loss of Kosovo and human life and isolate Serbia from the rest of the world.

Kosovo and its 90 percent ethnic Albanian majority are demanding independence from Serbia. The Serbs and their Russian allies oppose the move.

Four months of internationally-mediated talks last year ended with no agreement.

The United Nations Security Council is considering whether to endorse Kosovo's independence bid.

The United States and much of the European Union say they would likely recognize an independent Kosovo. But Russia has threatened a Security Council veto.

Kosovo has been under U.N. administration since 1999, when NATO airstrikes drove out Serbian forces waging war against the ethnic Albanians.