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Police Arrest 14 in India for Molesting Women

Police have arrested 14 people in India's financial hub of Mumbai for allegedly molesting two women outside a five-star hotel during New Year's celebrations.

Four of the suspects were detained Friday after being identified in photos taken by a journalist with the Indian newspaper, Hindustan Times. A court has granted all 14 bail.

The Hindustan Times photographer captured the New Year's incident as it took place. Two women were leaving a Mumbai hotel with their male companions when they were allegedly harassed by at least 50 men. The suspects tore off clothing and molested them until the journalist alerted police, who then dispersed the mob.

The incident drew public outrage when a police commissioner dismissed the case as a minor issue, saying it was something that can happen at any time. He was later reprimanded by a Maharashtra State minister who vowed to find the suspects.

The women live in the western U.S. state of California and were in India on vacation.

Until now, Mumbai has enjoyed a reputation for being one of the safer cities in India for women.

Some information for this report was provided by AP.