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Congress Asks Clemens, McNamee for Depositions

U.S. lawmakers have asked baseball pitcher Roger Clemens and his former trainer to submit to a deposition or transcribed interview ahead of next month's Congressional hearing into steroid use in Major League Baseball.

Letters were sent to Clemens, trainer Brian McNamee and three other people by the House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

The letters asked the former New York Yankees' pitcher and other witnesses to meet with committee staff before the February 13th hearing. Clemens has until January 22nd to respond.

Clemens, McNamee and several others were named in a report by former U.S. Senator George Mitchell. McNamee told Mitchell that he had injected Clemens and former teammate Andy Pettitte with steroids. Clemens has vehemently denied ever using drugs. Pettitte has admitted taking human growth hormone when he was recovering from an injury.

McNamee had asked for immunity in exchange for his testimony before the committee but Friday's letter made no mention of any deal. Clemens and McNamee could avoid testifying if they invoke their rights against self-incrimination. However, that could destroy their credibility with baseball fans.

With a deposition, the transcript is kept confidential until the committee chairman and ranking member agree to release it or if the members vote to make it public. With a transcribed interview, the committee may talk about its contents or release them at any time.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP, AP.