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Harare And Other Zimbabwean Cities Without Electricity For Fourth Day

Most of Zimbabwe was without electric power Tuesday for the fourth straight day.

Officials at the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority blamed technical problems in Zambia, saying imbalances in regional distribution grid caused a blackout that affected Zambia and other countries in the Southern African sub-region.

Sources reported a total blackout in Harare with power restored by midday in parts of the city. Some districts in Bulawayo had power while Bindura enjoyed a steady supply due to its proximity to Mozambique and a deal with power authorities in that country.

ZESA officials said they were doing all they could to restore normal service, though the country has been subject to rolling blackouts for many months.

Correspondent Irwin Chifera told reporter Patience Rusere that ZESA promised that power could be restored in most parts of the capital by midnight Tuesday.

The widespread and persistent power cuts have dealt another blow to manufacturing firms and businesses in general, many of which have been forced to close their doors for lack of electricity to carry on operations.

Economist and businessman Eddie Cross, also a policy coordinator for the opposition faction led by Morgan Tsvangirai, said that for every day that it goes without power the country is losing one half of one percent of its gross domestic product.

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