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Nigeria's Ruling Party Holds Convention Saturday

Nigeria's ruling Nigeria’s ruling Peoples Democratic Party holds its national convention Saturday during which party executives will be elected. President Umaru Yar’Adua has reportedly asked the national convention committee to create a level-playing field for all candidates. The president’s appeal came amid reports that the party’s outgoing national chairman had been screening candidates for the National Executive Committee.

Caroline Nwosu is one of those who want to be the new national chairperson of the PDP. From the capital, Abuja Nwosu told she has served the ruling party for many years.

“I must tell you that I am one of the founding members of this political party (PDP) in 1998 the moment the military government was out of the way and allowed democracy to reign. I founded the Ward in my state, Anambra State, what they call precinct in the U.S. And now the party is looking for someone who can help take the party toward the right direction. And I said that haven had that experience in the United States and having the experience here in Nigeria within the party, I felt that I have a lot to offer, and I am offering my service to help take the party in that direction,” she said.

Nigeria’s first female speaker of the federal parliament, Patricia Etteh was forced to resign late last year after she was accused of corruption. Nwosu said Patricia Etteh was set up and her case should not be used as a test case for all Nigerian women.

“I will tell you that we have many women in this country who have created a remarkable record of helping to build the nation. And the case is an insolated case and I will tell you the young woman was set up. Let me tell you that there are at least 10,000 men in this country who have done worst than Etteh has done and the House did not come down. After all, the woman did not steal any money; after all, the woman did not spend any money. She was simply signing what was put before her. Unfortunately it happened within months of her assuming office as a speaker. So somebody took advantage of her innocence,” Nwosu said.

President Yar’Adua has reportedly asked the National Convention Committee to create a level-playing field for all candidates. Nwosu said President Yar’Adua is doing a good job in trying to entrench democracy and fight corruption.

“Obviously as you know the president is really putting the best foot forward for this country. The country has been under military rule for so long and severe corrupt practices for so long democracy is still growing. But I tell you the entire nation is also ready and working with the president that it is time for this country to look at other countries like the United States. We must follow that footstep,” Nwosu said.