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Ghana Prepares to Expel 45 Liberian Refugees


Ghana plans Friday to repatriate 45 Liberian refugees who were arrested earlier this week at a refugee camp outside the capital, Accra.

Authorities say the refugees found their way illegally into the Gomoa Buduburam Refugee Camp. They are among the 600 refugees rounded up for fueling tensions in the camp with a month-long protest.

The refugees had refused to stop the demonstration against a United Nations-funded program that provides refugees with a free trip and $100 to resettle in Liberia. Many refugees say they would rather settle in another country because they fear persecution at home.

U.N. officials have said large-scale resettlement outside Liberia is not an option, and that these refugees should make an effort to help rebuild their country.

Ghana says 40,000 Liberian refugees remain in the country, even though the Liberian civil war ended in 2003.