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Blues Music Awards Nominee Eric Bibb Adds Touch of Gospel on 'Get Onboard' 


One of the leading contenders for Acoustic Artist of the Year at the upcoming Blues Music Awards is singer and guitarist Eric Bibb. As VOA's Doug Levine tells us, Bibb adds a touch of gospel to his repertoire on his latest album, "Get Onboard."

Gospel meets blues on Eric Bibb's new release, which features an adaptation of a civil rights anthem, "Stayed On Freedom." Bibb's album, while intersecting with soul and gospel influences, is steeped mostly in acoustic blues and folk.

Eric's musical training began at home. His father, a 1960s' folk singer whose friends included Pete Seeger, Odetta and Paul Robeson, introduced Eric to the blues.

Eric says, "He was my first musical hero and role model," adding that, "My performing repertoire was really based on my dad's."

Over the years, Eric Bibb has perfected his gift for storytelling. From a call-and-response duet with singer Ruthie Foster on "Conversation," to an ode to the birthplace of the blues, Memphis, Tennessee, on "New Beale Street Blues," Bibb strives to connect his words and music with life's trials and tribulations.

Eric Bibb's competition for Acoustic Artist of the Year at this year's Blues Music Awards includes Bobby Rush, Doug MacLeod, Mary Flower, Guy Davis and Fruteland Jackson. The 29th Annual Blues Music Awards will take place in Tunica Resorts, Mississippi on May 8.