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Zimbabweans Voting in National Elections

Zimbabweans are going to the polls today to choose a president, parliament and local councils. VOA's Peta Thornycroft visited a number of polling stations in rural areas and urban centers and has this report from the capital, Harare.

The voters I've spoken to, or who wanted to speak to me, are all telling me they're voting for change which usually means they're voting for the [opposition] Morgan Tsvangirai Faction of the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change). And that was both out in the rural areas and in town.

However there were some people who didn't want to talk to me, and so I have no idea of gauging what they thought.

But the one thing I should say is that I've traveled four hundred kilometers today, and I was so surprised - at about 12 polling stations that I passed by in that area - to see so few voters. Maybe it was too early. But early morning and up until the middle of the morning it was very slow. I was surprised at that.