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Iran Approves Contested Tehran Election Results


Iranian authorities have confirmed contested election results in another 36 districts throughout the country, including the capital, Tehran.

A spokesman for the hardline Guardian Council, Abbas Ali Kadkhodaei, says the group has now confirmed the authenticity of ballots in more than 100 constituencies from a total of 207 across Iran.

Reformist candidates in Tehran had called for a recount of votes from this month's parliamentary elections. Conservative candidates won 19 of Tehran's 30 parliamentary seats in the first round of voting.

Reformists hope to win some of the remaining seats in a second round of voting.

Nationwide, Iranian reformists have so far won about 40 seats in Iran's 290-seat legislature, about the same number they held previously. Conservatives say they expect to retain their three-quarters majority.

Run-off elections have been scheduled for April 25.

The Guardian Council is a constitutional watchdog body that also vets election candidates.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP.