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New Poll Says Most Democrats Prefer Obama as Party's Nominee

A new opinion poll indicates most U.S. Democrats would prefer to see Senator Barack Obama emerge as the party's presidential nominee despite recent attacks describing him as "elitist."

The poll shows Obama with a 10-point lead over rival Senator Hillary Clinton. It also shows Obama with a two-to-one lead on which of the two Democrats is considered more electable in the general election in November.

The polling took place during a controversy over Obama's remarks describing small-town Americans as "bitter." Both Clinton and Republican presidential candidate John McCain responded by calling Obama "elitist."

The poll was conducted by The Washington Post newspaper and ABC News among a nationwide random sample of about 1,200 adults.

Both Obama and Clinton Wednesday released new television advertisements critical of each other ahead of an April 22 primary in the eastern state of Pennsylvania.

The candidates will hold a televised debate in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Wednesday night.

Obama has won several state nominating primaries or caucuses since the nominating process began in January, and leads in the number of pledged delegates who will select the Democratic nominee at the party's August convention in Denver, Colorado.