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Tsvangirai's Return To Re-energize Opposition Runoff Campaign 

Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has returned to Harare to begin his campaign for the presidential runoff that is due to take place on June 27. Tsvangirai’s return, originally scheduled for last weekend, was delayed because of allegations of a plan to assassinate him. Mr. Tsvangirai spent nearly two months trying to drum up international support for a free and fair runoff.

Heneri Dzinotywei, a professor at the university of Zimbabwe, told Nightline’s Akwei Thompson that Mr. Tsvangirai’s return to the country will help re-energize the runoff campaign of the Movement for Democratic Change. “Naturally his arrival is to start the expectation that a much more open and vigorous campaign will be launched, he said.”

Dzinotywei added that the long absence from home has not diminished Tsvangirai’s support among Zimbabweans.