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One of World's Rarest Rhinos Caught on Video in Indonesia

One of the world's rarest rhinos has been caught on video by specially designed cameras installed in the jungles of Java, Indonesia.

The video shows a female Javan rhino - accompanied by her calf - foraging before charging the camera and sending the equipment flying off its stand.

The video trap was designed by Stephen Hogg of the WWF, formerly known as the World Wildlife Fund. He said he is baffled by the rhino's assault because he designed the equipment to use infrared light and activate in a way that would not scare away animals.

WWF says there are fewer than 60 Javan rhinos left in the wild. The group's Indonesian project helped to sponsor the motion-triggered video traps in Ujung Kulon National Park. The park is home to 90 percent of the rhino's population.

The Indonesian government recently launched a conservation strategy to relocate a few Javan rhinos from the park to another suitable site.

Conservationists say this effort could help prevent extinction of the rhino that could be caused by disease or a natural disaster.