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Summer Blockbusters Sizzle in US and Abroad

The summer movie season has arrived in North America. And moviegoers around the world are already primed for thrilling big-budget action movies - Hollywood's refreshing respite as temperatures rise. VOA's Penelope Poulou has more.

He has discovered legendary treasures. He has traveled the four corners of the earth and has faced menacing opponents. And now, adventurous archeologist Indiana Jones returns to the large screen to face a different adversary: The Soviets. The latest movie installment "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" takes place during the Cold War era of the late 1950s.

Soviet comrade Irina Spanko clashes with the American archeologist as they both race to find the Crystal Skull, a legendary medium of telepathic communication. It is said that whoever finds it, masters all knowledge.

Nineteen years after his last adventure, a less youthful Indiana Jones reappears. Harrison Ford , who first portrayed Indiana Jones in 1981, is about to celebrate his 66th birthday. Yet, he pulls off some incredible stunts with great charisma.

"I've learned to do a lot of physical things and keep my hat on," says the iconic actor. "And it's not by stapling it, really, " he smiles.

But the greatest leap for "Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull" is at the box office where it raked in almost half a billion dollars since its domestic and international release last month.

So far, the romantic and glitzy comedy "Sex and the City" has had mixed reviews. Four girlfriends in their forties reunite in the Big Apple. One of them, Carrie Bradshaw is about to celebrate her wedding to the wildly successful and ravishingly good-looking Mr. Big played by Chris Noth.

The film has great romance, high fashion and lots of sex appeal. Do not count on a fairy tale wedding. But who cares? "Sex and the City" lead in the U.S. box office on its opening weekend, grossing almost $57 million.

If you like bad boys with good intentions and great brains, then "Ironman" is for you. Robert Downey, Jr. plays wealthy industrialist Tony Stark. Ironclad in an ultra powerful, armored suit he fights the bad guys and some... good ones.

"Ironman" has shown a lot of brawn at the box office. Since its release last month, it has grossed worldwide $519 million.

Meanwhile, watch out for Hollywood's next heavyweight, "The Incredible Hulk." After a genetic accident, Dr. Bruce Banner turns into a enormous green monster whenever he loses his temper. Dr. Banner, played by acclaimed actor Ed Norton, must use his unharnessed powers to save the world. Will he succeed or will he self-destruct? We will know soon.