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Website of the Week — Ultimate Ungulate

Time again for our Website of the Week, when we showcase interesting and innovative online destinations. Our web guide is VOA's Art Chimes.

This time, it's an animal website that shows what can happen when one person shares his knowledge and passion with the Internet community.

HUFFMAN: "The Ultimate Ungulate website is designed to be a resource for all the world's hoofed mammals, which are ungulates."

Brent Huffman is the creator of It features great photos and in-depth information about a group of animals whose scientific name may be strange, but whose members may be living right nearby.

HUFFMAN: "Ungulates include really common animals like cows and goats, things like deer, horses, and a lot more exotic animals. Things like zebras, which are closely related to horses, but also rhinoceroses and various antelopes and giraffes. They're all considered ungulates."

In fact, there are some 250 species of ungulates, and the Ultimate Ungulate website is full of deeply-researched (and fully-referenced) information about these often-overlooked animals ... just what you would expect from a trained zoologist.

HUFFMAN: "There's a section on taxonomy and classification, basically where that animal fits in to the general scheme of life on earth. There's a description of that animal, including sizes. There's a section on reproduction. Ecology and behavior. And then a bit on habitat and distribution, where you can find the animal in the world."

Brent Huffman has taken his interest — and his camera — on the road. He spent six months in Africa, photographing ungulates, not to mention visiting many zoos in North America to see and photograph ungulates there, so the website has lots of unique images. In fact, he says one reason he started the website was because there was so little material available about ungulates.

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