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US First Lady to Visit Burmese Refugee Camp on Thai-Burma Border

The wife of U.S. President George Bush is preparing to visit a Burmese refugee camp and health clinic along the Thai-Burmese border.

Laura Bush and her daughter Barbara will fly Thursday from Bangkok to the Mae La refugee camp in western Thailand's Tak province.

About 39,000 Burmese live at the camp in Mae Sot. Most of them are ethnic Karen who fled violence in their home country. Some have been living there for 20 years, waiting either to return to Burma, or be resettled in a third country, including the United States.

Mrs. Bush's spokeswoman, Anita McBride says the First Lady also plans to visit a health clinic, and sit in on high school and resettlement classes, and security interviews of refugees applying to live in the United States.

Mrs. Bush's spokeswoman says the refugees are living without running water and electricity and lack many basic supplies.

Mrs. Bush will be delivering malaria nets, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, school supplies, and other goods.

She is in Thailand on an official visit with President Bush. The president plans to meet Burmese activists before leaving Thailand Thursday.