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US Democratic Presidential Campaign Nearly $8 Million Richer

The presidential campaign of U.S. Democratic Party Senator Barack Obama begins this week nearly $8 million richer.

The campaign announced Monday that Obama raised $7.8 million at a fundraiser Sunday night in California. It is the latest haul in what has been a record-breaking fundraising season.

Obama has just a week left until the Democratic National Convention, where party members will officially nominate him as their presidential candidate for the November election.

Obama is narrowing the list of potential running mates this week. The top vice presidential candidates are expected to have strong foreign policy experience or a broad appeal to Republican voters.

The Republican Party presidential candidate, Senator John McCain, attacked Obama's foreign policy credentials Monday at a convention of U.S. military veterans in Florida.

McCain said Obama's initial opposition to the U.S. troop surge in Iraq demonstrated weak leadership skills.

McCain also is spending his time considering possible running mates ahead of the Republican National Convention on September first.

Political analysts say McCain may choose a vice presidential candidate with strong economic experience to boost his appeal as U.S. citizens struggle with a faltering economy.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP and AP.