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Golden Rain for American Beach Volleyball Duo

Americans Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh have won their second Olympic gold medal, defending the beach volleyball title they won four years ago in Athens, Greece. From Beijing, VOA's Jim Stevenson has more on their latest victory on the sand.

The gold medal game Thursday was played in pouring rain. But American Misty May-Treanor did not mind.

"We have seen sprinkles from time to time," she said. "And then it stops in the middle of the game. But to play in a consistent downpour, it can make the ball a little heavier. And she served a couple into the net, and the ball just has no bounce to it. It just kind of falls over. But I told someone earlier, that is why we play in bathing suits. You never know what you are going to get."

What they got was a gold medal. The American women survived a tough match against Wang Jie and Tian Jia of China, 21-18, 21-18. The victory completed a dominating run as the Americans did not drop a set through the tournament.

May-Treanor, 31, and Walsh, 30, improved their overall winning streak to an astounding 108 matches at the international and domestic level. May-Treanor says their success and the sport itself has grown from the inside out.

"You know, we all get our start from the indoor game," she said. "And it is a great, great game. But, you know, we have had so many opportunities. And the beach game is growing that it does give an out for the athletes who maybe want to move on and get tired of the indoor game. Or maybe do not make teams and come out to the beach and do what Kerri and I are doing and do what we love."

May-Treanor and Walsh are both married, and are hoping to start families soon. Walsh says her plan also includes more beach volleyball.

"As long as Misty and I can manage to juggle a family. I know just speaking personally that I want to keep playing this sport for as long as possible. Being here now, we just won, I am in. Sign me up for London. I am in. I want to do it again. And I want to do it with this woman beside me. Four years goes by in a heartbeat."

And in that heartbeat, Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh hope to be wearing a third consecutive Olympic gold medal.