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Growing Doubts About Ivory Coast Election Deadline

Ivory Coast is the world's top cocoa grower and one of West Africa's most vibrant economies. But a 2002-2003 war ended with a divided nation.

Now there is mounting pressure for the country to hold elections in order to complete a stuttering peace process.

Despite growing doubts, the independent electoral commission said the November 30 deadline was feasible.

In a recent interview with VOA’s Akwei Thompson, Professor Sery Bailly, a Member of Parliament for the Front Populaire Ivoirienne (Ivorian People's Front) said the country was trying to “solve the technical material and financial problems related to the elections.” However, meeting the deadline “is another matter,” the MP added.

Bailly attributed the delay in voter registration to the problems in transporting equipment from France to Ivory Coast and apathy on the part of would be voters.

“Well first of all, we need some equipment that should be coming from France and I think the equipment has been acquired and there are problems to carry them to Cote d’ Ivoire is the major problem… Secondly, people do not go for identification and now we are told we need a second term to give a last chance to those who are late…” Bailly said.