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Pakistani Military: 1,000 Militants Killed Near Afghan Border

Pakistani military officials say at least 1,000 militants have been killed in a month-long operation along the Afghan border.

Major General Tariq Khan told reporters Friday that at least five militant commanders, including foreigners, were among those who have been killed in the Bajaur tribal region. Khan said more than 60 Pakistani troops also have been killed in Bajaur since the military launched its offensive against Taliban and al-Qaida militants in August.

The general said militants based in the tribal area have launched attacks against troops in neighboring Afghanistan. He added that if the militants lose Bajaur, they will lose everything.
Pakistan is under pressure from Afghanistan and the United States to control militants operating in its border regions. Friday, U.S. military chief Admiral Mike Mullen called the problem enormously complex and praised Pakistan's military for focusing on the border.

On Thursday, U.S. military officials said Pakistani and U.S. troops exchanged fire across the Afghan-Pakistan border. Admiral Mullen told reporters at the Pentagon Friday he has received reassurances from Pakistani leaders in the past, that Pakistan's military had no plan to fight U.S. forces.

Also Friday, police say three suicide bombers blew themselves up after police raided their hideout in the commercial capital, Karachi.

Authorities say the militants were believed to be members of the extremist group Laskhar-e-Jhangvi with links to al-Qaida. Police seized explosives from the badly damaged home and said the men were planning an attack on Karachi.

And Pakistani authorities say a bomb blast derailed a train in central Punjab province Friday, killing at least six people, including children. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack.