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Happiness is a Stimulating Seminar

If you're an American and you're frustrated with your job, your relationships, maybe the amount of hair on your head; or if you're looking to get ahead in business or want to make a fortune in real estate or the stock market; or if you want to improve your memory or better manage your time or learn new computer skills, somewhere there's a conference or seminar or retreat for you. Experts and speakers, who can be as famous as Tibet's spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, will be there to help you – for a fee.

Seminar topics can range from the very broad, such as Inner Peace, to the very specific, such as Powerful Communication Skills for Women.

For sheer ambitiousness, it's hard to top a conference that's coming up in San Francisco in November. It's titled Happiness and Its Causes, and who doesn't want to be happy? Over four days, 40 of what the program promises will be the best minds in psychology, philosophy, science, education, business, the arts, medicine, and politics will explore techniques for achieving happiness.

In workshops such as No Regrets: Advice for Living and Dying, Laughing with the Dalai Lama, and even Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers, participants will explore conflict resolution, raising happy kids, and wringing happiness out of living and even dying.

Four days of happiness training will cost each attendee $795.

Unfortunately, one problem commonly reported by participants in motivational and self-improvement seminars is that they leave all fired up and ready to change, only to slowly slide back into old habits and routines. That would make a great post-seminar workshop. It could be called, How to Make the Feeling Last!