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Bolivian Leaders Re-Launch Crisis Talks

Bolivian President Evo Morales and a group of opposition governors have resumed talks aimed at easing a political crisis that has triggered deadly protests.

Mr. Morales and four pro-autonomy regional governors met in the central province of Cochabamba Sunday, nearly two weeks after they postponed the talks.

The conflict between Mr. Morales and governors demanding more autonomy erupted into street violence last month, in which at least 15 government supporters were killed. President Morales has struggled to reassert his authority over the northern province of Pando and several regions in the country's east.

Mr. Morales's plans to rewrite the constitution, redistribute land to the poor and give them more political power has sparked several anti-government demonstrations.

Last month, President Morales criticized the United States for backing opponents he charges are trying to organize a coup against his leftist government.

President Morales issued the criticism in an address before the United Nations General Assembly.

The comments followed Mr. Morales's decision to expel U.S. Ambassador Philip Goldberg, after accusing him of siding with opposition leaders in Bolivia. The U.S. denied the accusation and responded by expelling Bolivia's envoy, Gustavo Guzman.