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Website of the Week — Ars Technica

Time again for our Website of the Week, when we showcase interesting and innovative online destinations. Our web guide is VOA's Art Chimes.

This week we introduce you to one of the Web's top sites for information technology news, comment, and conversation.

"Ars Technica is the leading source for news and analysis that is of interest to technologists," says Ken Fisher, editor in chief and founder of The site's name is a hybrid of Greek and Latin, but the content is as up-to-date as the latest software release.

There are a lot of technology-oriented websites, of course, with news, comment and product reviews, but Fisher says Ars Technica is different because of the expertise of its staff and contributors, who are tech professionals.

"So when we go to a show — say Microsoft puts on a show about technology — we don't really hang out with the other press members that are there. We hang out with the engineers. And that's really what gets us up in the morning; it's what were excited about, knowing how things work and just being as accurate as possible."

Fisher says that professionalism extends to the reader forums, where the topics include computers, gaming, mobile phones, and more.

"I'm very proud, actually, of the fact that we have a very mature audience, and again that reliance on fact and accuracy means that the level of discussion is much higher, the so-called signal-to-noise ratio is much better than you find many places online."

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