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Polls: Obama Holds Six-Point Lead Over McCain


Two new public opinion polls show U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama leading his Republican challenger, John McCain, by six percentage points, ahead of their final debate before the November 4 election.

Both polls, one by Reuters, C-Span and Zogby, and the other by Rasmussen Reports, are in line with other recent surveys that show Obama maintaining his lead. The two men will debate face-to-face on television for the last time on Wednesday.

Neither candidate made campaign appearances Sunday, although Obama went door-to-door in a neighborhood in Holland, Ohio to talk with residents about the economy. The two candidates face off in their final debate Wednesday before election day, November 4.

Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden gave a speech on domestic issues, asserting that an Obama-Biden White House would protect jobs and access to health care. He also incited the crowd to cheers with repeated shouts of "we will end this [Iraq] war."

And Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin made an appearance in St. Clairsville, Ohio, where she said "Small Town USA" (people in small communities) understands the value of neighbors and hard work. She said Obama does not pay attention to such voters.

Earlier, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said on U.S. television that his colleague, Senator McCain, is considering a new proposal to lower taxes for investors in order to jump-start the economy.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP and AP.