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Nigerian Graft Probe Clears Former President And 31 Governors

Nigeria's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has cleared former president Olusegun Obasanjo and 31 state governors of corruption charges. The officials were investigated and some indicted by the commission's former head, Nuhu Ribadu.

Several anti-corruption organizations have condemned the EFCC's ruling -- asking the body to do a more thorough investigation of all the affected officials. They say most of the officials are now millionaires with extensive business investments, even when they took office as men of modest means. The EFCC says Obasanjo was cleared because no one came forward with allegations of graft against him.

Sina Loremikan is the southwest coordinator of the group, Zero Corruption Coalition. He says there are dozens of pending petitions against the former Nigerian leader.

"It has been a mixed feeling for me. I know that one of my colleagues Debo Adeniran wrote a petition against president Obasanjo and deposited at the EFCC before Ribadu relocated. I'm also wondering why the present leadership says there was no petition before them and that the former president has no case to answer. If they are being sincere, they should have found the petition written by Debo Adeniran.

He says the former president is not in the good books of the majority of the people.

"For the supporters I can understand where they are coming from, but those of us who are not his supporters likewise not his fans we know he was a reckless president, we also know he was not a transparent president, however the struggle continues, we will keep digging out all we can dig out, put the picture to everyone that matters and one day, we know that justice will come to the people".