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Polls Show Obama Leads McCain Two Weeks Before US Vote

Presidential candidate Barack Obama is leading John McCain by nearly six percentage points, in an average of the latest opinion polls two weeks before the U.S. election.

The candidates continue to battle for votes in states considered critical to winning the White House on November 4.

McCain, a Republican senator, talked about the economy in the northeastern state of Pennsylvania, where he trails Obama by an average of 10 percentage points. The Arizona senator accused Obama of saying one thing and doing another to win support.

Obama, a Democratic senator, campaigned in the southeastern state of Florida, where he focused on the economic crisis, an issue that has helped his campaign gain momentum. Obama leads McCain in Florida by just two percentage points.

Obama will take a break from the campaign trail this week to visit his gravely ill grandmother in Hawaii. The Illinois senator is canceling events Thursday and Friday to be with 85-year-old Madelyn Dunham, who helped raise him.

Newly released records show Obama has much more campaign money to spend in the final two weeks before Election Day. Records show Obama began October with nearly $134 million in the bank, compared to McCain's $47 million.

The candidates' running mates are campaigning Tuesday in key states in the West.

McCain's running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, is in Nevada. Obama's vice presidential candidate, Delaware Senator Joe Biden, is in Colorado.