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Britain Welcomes News of President Obama

Britain is cheering Barack Obama's win of the White House with many people hoping for a change in America's foreign policy. VOA's Mandy Clark reports from London.

Britain woke up to news of who won the White House. Newspapers across the country heralded the moment as a new beginning for America.

Most people asked say they were pleased that Americans chose Senator Barack Obama as their President. Some have commented:

"The last 8 years have been difficult for the West and I'm really excited that Obama will bring some changes, that is what I'm hoping for anyway."

"It's a really historical thing to happen and I think it's good because it is going to be different."

"Very happy about Barack Obama, I think it is a vote for humanity and for the world and I think he brings John F Kennedy type hope to the world."

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was quick to send his congratulations to President-elect Obama. "I know he's a true friend of Britain and I know that the values we share in common," Brown said. "And the policies on which we can work together will enable us as two countries to come through these difficult economic times and build a safer and more secure society for the future."

At an election party at the American Embassy, the Ambassador of Afghanistan, Mohammad Rahim Sherzoy, simply expressed hope Mr. Obama's election will bring a change to America's foreign policy. "They can change the world," he said. "They can change America. We just wish that they will bring some change into Afghanistan."

And both diplomats and ordinary British citizens will be watching with keen interest as President-elect Obama prepares to take the United States in a new direction.