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President Bush Gives First Interview Since Elections

U.S. President George Bush says he has "given his all" to support the military during his eight years in office.

In his first interview since last week's presidential election, Mr. Bush said on U.S. television (CNN) Tuesday that it is important for the nation's troops to know that he not only supported them but "stood with them" in their missions.

He spoke of Monday's White House meeting with President-elect Barack Obama, saying Mr. Obama already knows the importance of supporting the nation's military forces. Mr. Bush admitted to being disappointed with the outcome of the election, but he said he wishes Mr. Obama all the best.

Mr. Bush also admitted that he regrets giving a speech in May 2003 in front of a banner reading, "Mission Accomplished," implying that the war in Iraq was over. U.S.-led forces invaded Iraq two months before the speech, and thousands of coalition troops are still there.