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British Prime Minister Tells Mugabe Enough is Enough

As cholera grips Zimbabwe, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown says the message from the international community to President Robert Mugabe is "enough is enough."

Gordon Brown says it is correct to call the cholera outbreak an international rather than a national emergency because disease crosses borders.

According to United Nations figures, the cholera epidemic has killed at least 575 people in Zimbabwe but aid agencies say the actual number may be much higher. The U.N. also estimates that at least 12,000 have contracted the intestinal disease since August.

In a statement released in London, the British prime minister says the first priority in the coming days will be to get aid, such as rehydration packs, into the country.

Although he does not explicitly demand that Mr. Mugabe step down, his language calls on world leaders to stand together to defend human rights and democracy in the country once known as Africa's breadbasket.

Gordon Brown is the latest to join a growing list of leaders condemning Mugabe.

On Friday, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said it was "well past time" for him to leave office.

Strong words have also come from Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga who are both urging increased African pressure on Mugabe.

In London, Britain's International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander, interviewed on the BBC, welcomed that growing chorus of criticism.

"I think there is the potential for Africa to take a decisive stand against Mugabe in the days to come," said Alexander. "I welcome the steps this week and I hope that they continue to be reflected in other actions in the weeks to come."

Gordon Brown, meanwhile, says he has been in contact with various African leaders, urging them to do what they can to give the Zimbabwean people the government they deserve.

The British leader says the people of Zimbabwe voted for a better future and that it is our duty to support their aspiration.

As to the current health crisis, South Africa has announced it is sending more military doctors to its northern border to treat cholera victims who are coming across.

South Africa is promising other humanitarian steps as well after dispatching a fact-finding team to Zimbabwe on Monday.