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California Students Show Excitement About Obama Inauguration

People across the United States, like others around the world, watched the inauguration of President Barack Obama on television. Among them were many students and young people. Students at California State University, Los Angeles, expressed their reactions.

It was a standing room-only crowd at Cal State Los Angeles, as students gathered before class to watch the inauguration.

Nineteen-year-old political science major Alex Jimenez had trouble describing his feelings, as he watched the first African American take the U.S. presidential oath of office.

"It's almost unexplainable, you know, it's such a big moment in our history. It's not even just so much who it is, as what it represents for our country," he said.

Student Cortney Solomon, who is African American, says she thinks President Obama can bring the country together.

"I'm ready to see things go differently. I'm excited to see a lot of people are behind him. Democrats and Republicans are behind him, and Independents," she said.

Latina student Selene Salas expects President Obama to tackle issues like immigration, which are important to Hispanics.

"For the Latino community, it's just a big step, Obama coming in," she said. "And we have hope."

Canadian exchange student Lydia Lockett came to campus early on Tuesday to share in the excitement.

"I wanted to be with other people, collectively sharing this experience. It's a magnificent day," she said.

These students say they can feel the same enthusiasm as the crowds on the National Mall in Washington.