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Film Superstar Kevin Costner Now Dances With Music Fans

Known around the world for his good looks and movie roles in "Dances With Wolves," "Bodyguard," "Tin Cup," and "Field Of Dreams," two-time Academy Award winner Kevin Costner is on a new kind of adventure. With his band, Modern West, Costner recently released his first western music CD, "Untold Truths."

With 12 Oscar nominations and three British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards, Kevin Costner has nothing left to prove in the motion picture industry. His career has been built on starring roles in "JFK", "The Untouchables", "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves", and most recently, "Swing Vote." What would make a bona fide box office star want to try a singing career?

“Because it is a love. It's been a true love. I have always gotten involved in the music in my movies, and now it is a great way to exchange with people that have been watching me on screen for 20 years. It is an interesting way for us to meet in a way we have never met before,” he said. “There are people around the world who think they actually know me. My wife has always said, 'If anyone really wants to know you, all they need to do is see you (sing) on stage'."

One of the highlights for Modern West was their recent televised performance at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.

“There was an enormous amount of pressure with that because I knew exactly where I was at. We had never played on television before and all the eyes were -- it was not my imagination -- they were looking at me and going, 'OK, big boy, what's it going to be?'

The band was great, we played four songs and the Opry really welcomed us. The other performers -- very established performers -- were very kind to me."

Kevin Costner does not use the term 'country' to describe his style of music.

"I wouldn't say that,” he corrected. “I'd say it's more western rock and roll. There is a country lilt to it because it is part of my lineage. I grew up with Motown (R&B music), but every time I write a song it sounds like a little bit of a western lilt to it. I guess that's why I make cowboy movies."

Kevin has not given up his acting career completely. He has a film coming out in 2009, titled "The New Daughter".

"It's a horror film. I hope that it is good. You never know because right at the end some unearthly thing happens. It was kind of like 'Field Of Dreams.' It was like, 'Is everyone going to buy [believe] that guys are coming out of a corn field?' You never know. That is what I try to do, make individual movies. Sometimes they will [be box office hits]. Sometimes they won't. I would like to think that people get a fresh experience when they go to see my movies."

Kevin has a one-year-old son, Cayden, with wife Christine Baumgartner. The couple is expecting their second child this year. With a busy schedule that includes films and concerts, he has no plans to slow down.

“It has been a great life. It has been an unusual life. Being famous is unusual ... it is unusual. When you put yourself out there you have to get with it, there is no hiding and I have never been one to hide.”