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Heavy Snowstorm Grips England

England is struggling with the heaviest snowfall to hit the country in nearly two decades. Among the hardest-hit regions are London and surrounding areas. Travel disruption and massive cancellations are widespread.

Where some tried to fight the elements, others simply took the day off and enjoyed the unusual 15-centimeter-deep blanket of beautiful white snow.

Unlike parts of the world that regularly deal with snow, when it does show up in England, and sticks around, all sorts of chaos breaks out. This is the worst snowstorm to hit England in 18 years.

And for some the journey into work became an exercise in futility.

"Tried to get to work. The roads are really bad so, probably have to take today as holiday, but we thought we would come out and make the most of it," one commuter said.

At one stage, London's public bus service was completely shut down due to dangerous driving conditions.

Cancellations or big delays on the subway lines and rail services were common.

Air travelers were also feeling the effect at airports like Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted.

"I have been two hours delayed in Geneva. A flight earlier was canceled. And I am waiting for a friend who has been diverted from Stansted from Geneva, who I met at the airport, who is going to share a lift with me home because the Gatwick Express is closed," said one traveler.

More than 500 schools have also canceled classes, much to the delight of the students.

Forecasters here said more snow could be in store Tuesday when another weather front moves into Britain.