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Al-Qaida Commander Threatens India in Video Message

A senior al-Qaida leader has appeared in a video message warning India that it could face additional terror attacks similar to last November's siege on Mumbai.

Western news organizations - BBC, Reuters - that have seen the video said al-Qaida in Afghanistan commander Mustafa Abu al-Yazid said that the mujahedin (Islamic holy warriors) will not allow India to attack neighboring Pakistan.

Tensions between those nuclear-armed neighbors have increased since more than 170 people were killed in terrorist attacks in Mumbai. The lone-surviving gunman is Pakistani, and India blames Pakistan-based militants for the deadly violence.

However, officials from both countries have dismissed talk of going to war.

Al-Qaida commander Yazid also commented on the Mumbai attacks, referring to the unprecedented siege as India's "humiliation."

About six months ago, a private group that monitors al-Qaida activity said Yazid had posted a different video in which he threatened the West.

There had been unconfirmed media reports in August, 2008, that Yazid had been killed by military forces in Pakistan's tribal region.

Some information for this report was provided by Reuters.