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Turkish Airliner Crashes at  Amsterdam Airport, Killing 9 People

A Turkish airliner carrying 134 people crashed at Amsterdam's main airport Wednesday, killing nine people and injuring more than 50 others.

The airliner crashed into a muddy field just short of Amsterdam main airport mid-morning local time, breaking into three pieces. The Boeing 737 aircraft had been en route from Istanbul to The Netherlands and was trying to land in misty weather. The Turkish airline initially said there had been no casualties, but Dutch authorities quickly amended that claim.

The Turkish Transport Minister said it was a miracle there weren't more casualties.

At a news conference, a local mayor, Michel Bezuijen, briefly sketched the events before the crash and its aftermath to reporters.

"At this moment, rescue operations are still in full force," he said. "At this moment, nine mortally wounded are to be regretted. About 50 wounded persons have been brought to hospital in Amsterdam and Haarlem."

Survivors told Turkish television that the events took place very quickly. Dutch authorities are promising a quick investigation, and so far, they say, it's unclear just what caused the crash.

The plane's manufacturer Boeing is sending a team to provide technical assistance to Dutch investigators. A spokesman for the investigators said the plane's flight data recorders had been found and will be analyzed by experts.