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Majoring in Economics At Clemson University  is Ying Xin Passion

Ying Xin received her undergraduate degree in Public Finance from a university at home in China. Choosing to now focus on getting a master's degree, Ying is attending Clemson University in South Carolina."I'm from Beijing, the capital city of China and the reason why I want to study here is because I want to pursue a better education and I want to expand my world and see what America is like.I come here to get a Master's degree in Economics. Actually my major at the University of China is Public Finance and in this major I studied both Economics and Taxation because I am interested in both," she said.

"So when I choose majors in America school I focused on this too at the same time, but I find the school has taxation so I choose Economics." In the first year of study, Ying says some of her challenges are understanding her professors clearly, doing some of the homework and grasping some of the English language, but she appreciates how helpful and friendly people are here. "The first thing that give me a high impression of America is it is team oriented and people try to help each other in class and out of class.They are friendly and they help me on my English and my studying especially in South Carolina I think people here are very warm and friendly.They wish to help you anytime.So both in study and in life they build a team and work on the project and that's what i did not feel that in China before, “she said.

"The second thing is everything is very organized.I use to think that this was not very efficient, but here organization and the institution is very efficient and that gives me a very good impression."

With all the international students attending Clemson, Ying says participating in several international student organizations she can gain some things while also giving back to others. "In Clemson University there are several groups of international students.The biggest group is Indian students and the second biggest group is China students and there are also a lot of students from other Asian countries like Korea and Japan and also some other internationals coming from South America and Africa.So after I got here, I attended CSSA which means Chinese Student and Scholar Association.I also attend ISA which is International Student Association and I think the experience in both association contributes great impact in my life because these two associations they help not only Chinese students, but other international students to build a better life on campus and I found not only can I help myself to improve, but I can help others with their problems both in life and in studying," she said."So I feel happy I joined these two associations."

Ying seems to be pretty focused and involved at Clemson, so what's next?"If it goes well I will graduate next May and if there is any chance I would like to study more about the taxation system in America so one of my choices is to keep studying in Clemson or another school on taxation or another choice is to go back to China and begin to seek a job like an consultant because I studied Economics, so I think I can do some work like Data Analysis or give advice to people on their financial things," said Ying.