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Republicans Hammer Obama on Budget

The Republican party is warning Americans that President Barack Obama's budget plan will "place our children at a huge disadvantage" by running up the national debt.

In the weekly Republican address, Senator Judd Gregg from the northeastern state of New Hampshire criticized Mr. Obama's $3.55 trillion budget proposal, calling it an extraordinary move to the left.

Gregg repeated what has become an opposition mantra, saying the president's plan "spends too much, taxes too much and borrows too much."

Gregg had been offered the job of Commerce Secretary in the Obama administration, but withdrew his name from consideration. Since then he has become one of Mr. Obama's most vocal critics.

President Obama has called the proposed budget an "economic blueprint" that will help kick-start economic activity while also investing in energy, education and health care.

Mr. Obama says such investments will help lead to a "real and lasting prosperity."