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Michelle Obama Enchants Europe

The U.S. president's wife, Michelle Obama, accompanied her husband on his first trip to Europe since taking office. But far from standing in the shadow of her husband, Mrs. Obama enchanted Europeans with her personal style.

Wherever she went in Europe, cameras followed. Michelle Obama's fashion sense, from vibrant yellow dresses to chic black evening wear, made her a media darling. Though she may have captivated photographers with her style, it was her personal approach that won over much of the public.

At a girls school in London, she gave out hugs and spoke about the need for equality.

"The difference between a struggling family and a healthy one is often the presence of an empowered woman, or women at the center of that family," she said. "The difference between a broken community and a thriving one is often the healthy respect between men and women who appreciate the contributions each other makes to society. The difference between a languishing nation and one that will flourish, is the recognition that we need equal access to education for both boys and and girls."

And many in France were enchanted.

One woman said it was wonderful to see Michelle Obama hugging the children.

Another woman said that Mrs. Obama is not only stylish and smart, but kind as well.

It is this mix of glamour and common touch that experts say appeals to the public. Style adviser Tazeen Ahmad says it is these traits that are drawing comparisons to the late Princess Diana.

"I think the warmth, confidence and openness that Michelle has illustrated so far is reminiscent of what Diana offered in that politic fashion arena," Ahmad said.

Becoming a global icon in a short space of time could unnerve anyone, it is seems Michelle Obama has taken it in her stride.