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Kuwaiti Women Win Parliamentary Seats for 1st Time

Kuwait has elected its first female parliament members after its third election in as many years. Four women have been elected into Kuwait's 50-member National Assembly. Aseel al-Awadhi was among the female winners. She says it is a historic moment for Kuwait.

"It feels great, I am so tired after the campaign, but it feels wonderful. It is a big victory for women to win this election," al-Awadhi said.

Some Islamic fundamentalist politicians had called for women not to vote or run as candidates. They claimed that having women involved in politics violated the teachings of Islam.

Women in Kuwait were given the right to vote and run for election in 2005.

Fatima al-Abdeli is a women's rights activist. She says believes the election has paved a way for women the future.

"I am sure that in years it will be a normal, no problems to run or to get votes. I am sure that in years it will be so easy for girls to be in the parliament," Fatima said.

Kuwait's Emir dissolved parliament in March, following multiple feuds between the elected members of parliament who accused the unelected cabinet of corruption. Parliament had been pressuring the government for the right to question ministers on deals, contracts and policy.

The first task for the new parliament will be to vote on a $5-billion economic stimulus package aimed at helping Kuwait's financial sector during the global economic crisis.