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Airbus Sends Advisory to Pilots

The manufacturer of the Air France plane that went down in the Atlantic Ocean Monday is advising pilots to follow standard procedures if they suspect indicators are faulty.

Airbus issued the advisory after air safety investigators said equipment that sent out automatic messages from the Air France jet that crashed showed inconsistencies in the plane's speed.

Airbus said Friday that it had sent the notices to all of its pilots, not just those who fly the Airbus 330 - the model that crashed Monday.

Meanwhile, rescue officials said Thursday that debris thought to be from the wreckage of an Air France jet is instead trash.

Brazilian Air Force Brigadier Ramon Cardoso told reporters that so far nothing from the plane has been recovered, but search teams are continuing to scour the waters off the northeast coast of Brazil, where other debris has been spotted.

Flight 447 was flying to Paris from Rio de Janeiro Monday with 228 people on board. Investigators still do not know what caused the crash.

Officials are reportedly looking into whether the jetliner was flying at an incorrect speed, while navigating fierce tropical storms.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP, AP and Reuters.