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A Housing Crisis For A 107-Year-Old

Because of the generosity of a lot of strangers, 107-year-old Larry Haubner will not have to find another place to live.

He is in good health, doesn't smoke, doesn't drink alcohol, exercises regularly and is able to move about with little assistance, and has a meager pension.

Earlier this year Haubner, who has never married and has no living relatives came very close to being forced to move from the assisted living facility he has called home since 2005 in Fredericksburg, Va - south of Washington.

He has outlived his savings, not once but twice

And for the second time in two years, strangers have raised enough money to keep him where he is.

Haubner - who goes by the nickname "Curly" - moved into the residence for senior citizens after an accident while riding his bicycle to a local park. That was when he was 104.

In 2005, when social workers determined it was not safe for him to return to his modest home, arrangements were made to move him to his current residence.

Two years later when his personal savings were exhausted for the first time, he came close to being asked to leave the facility.

"He would have lost all his friends and all his new family," says bank executive Mark Ellmore who organized both fund-raising efforts.

Enough money was collected to pay the monthly charges for two years but in March, Haubner's money again ran out and friends, supporters and total strangers again raised enough money to pay the bills for another two years.

"When the money runs out in 2011, I'll organize another fundraising effort," says Ellmore.

In June, 2011, Haubner will be 109. If his doctor is correct, Haubner's good health should permit him to celebrate that milestone.

"This will give him (Haubner) the sense of a normal lifestyle," says Ellmore and that's all we want.