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Iraq Car Bomb Kills at Least 6

Iraqi police and medical officials say a car bomb blast in an outdoor market in the western city of Haditha has killed at least six people and wounded more than 20.

The bomb exploded mid-morning Sunday when the market was crowded. Women and children were among the victims.

Haditha is in Anbar province, which was one of the most dangerous areas in Iraq until local tribal leaders joined forces with the U.S. military to fight al-Qaida militants.

Overall, violence in Iraq has declined in recent months, but there was a spike in attacks in the weeks leading up to the June 30 withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from Iraqi cities.

In the month since Iraqi security forces assumed responsibility for urban areas, the number of violent civilian deaths across Iraq has declined by one-third, compared to the previous month.

But insurgents are still able to launch frequent attacks, raising questions about the ability of Iraqi forces to protect the civilian population.