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Life for Kundayi After Berklee College of Music Brings New Hopes and Ideas

His name is Kundayi Musinami. Kundayi is from Harare, Zimbabwe and through passion, persistence, and faith; he is a proud graduate of Berklee College. “I graduated the ninth of May here in Boston and I graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor’s in Music having doubled major in Music Business Management and Music Production and Engineering,” he says.

“I am very excited to have accomplished this and be able to do what I am doing now and hopefully in the near future be able to give back to not only the country of Zimbabwe, but the continent of Africa as a whole.”

Now, Kundayi is forming recording networks that will apply innovative new business models to the music industry. Presently, I am working on establishing two companies really that are depended on each other. The first one is Kaleo Nation which is spelled K-A-L-E-O which is a word that is derived from ancient Hebrew which means ‘to call into being or ‘to make things happen’, he says.

“What it is basically is a professional musician’s network built by musicians for musicians and their fans. What we are trying to do is kind of counteract and provide solutions for the different problems and the different shortcomings that people are faced with in the music industry, mostly in the entertainment industry in the wake of the internet and file sharing and all the revenue that has been lost by most companies, record labels and so forth. So file sharing is consuming and fans are not really purchasing music anymore and it is difficult for musicians to find sustainability in the industry and also for these companies to keep moving ahead,” he says.

“So what we are trying to do is to find a way with the launching of this company to find a way that provides the solution that utilizes the same medium which is the internet to provide a solution for all these problems. So our basic bottom line for us is that file sharing got us into this problem and other related problems on the internet and resource sharing is going to get us out,” he says.

“The second thing I am working on is C. James Cornelius and Company which is a partnership between myself and a friend of mine that I met at Berklee from Houston, Texas his name is Cory Washington and we have formed a production company based in Boston. What we are trying to do really is establish a Boston scene in terms of production companies and just like artists have to conquer their local neighborhood now before you get notoriety or before you get on a national level we are trying to do the same and provide recording opportunities to help artist get started right now. We are concentrating on demo projects for artists that are starting out and those are the main two projects I am really focusing on right now.”

Without the opportunity to receive an education, Kundayi says his vision to excel and become who he is today would not have happened. “My education has helped number one it helped me elevate my vision. When I left Zimbabwe I had a vision and a very vague idea of what I wanted to do and accomplish. I knew the impact I wanted to make and in being in school and receiving the education that I did I got ways and strategies and clarity on how to accomplish that so education has really helped me a long way in terms of defining exactly what it is that I want to achieve and to see beyond the excitement, vision and accomplishment, but look into the details of how to accomplish it to pass out and make it happened.

But also being at Berklee, you have to understand that this is a very prominent music institute and probably the best in the nation or the world in terms of contemporary music so the relationships and connections I have made by being here are totally priceless and have contributed greatly in what I am trying to achieve in terms of my vision.”