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Final Two Bodies Recovered in NYC Air Crash

Recovery workers near New York City have found the bodies of the final two victims of a crash Saturday involving a helicopter and a small private plane.

The bodies were found inside the wreckage of the plane, which was lifted from the Hudson River Tuesday. They were believed to be the remains of the pilot and a passenger.

The sightseeing helicopter and the plane collided over the river Saturday.

Five Italian tourists plus the pilot were on board the helicopter. Two passengers and a pilot were aboard the single-engine plane.

The National Transportation Safety Board has declined to speculate about the cause of the crash. The investigation is expected to take months.

The accident happened in an area that is not covered by air traffic controllers. Pilots flying low over the river use a common radio frequency to announce their position and direction of flight. Pilots are responsible for keeping themselves safely separated from other air traffic.

Some information for this report was provided by AP.