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Kabul Diary - 15 August 2009

*Amanullah Ghilzai is Managing Editor of the Pashto Afghan service
Day 1 in Afghanistan

My first day in Kabul started with a huge suicide explosion just four kilometers from the hotel where I am staying.

The whole hotel building shook for a few seconds and I could see the dust raising from the walls and cieling of the room. Almost all the guests of the hotel came out of their rooms, thinking that the explosion has taken place just meters away from the hotel. Later on we came to know that a car full of explosives was blown up by a suicide bomber right in the city center, not far from the Presidential Palace.

Many residents of the city are nervous that the situation in the country, particularly, in the capital Kabul could turn into a chaos if the election results were not accepted by supporters of the main presidential candidates who would lose. One political analyst from the city told me that Kabul was full looter and bandits who were waiting for that great moment. The mood in the city seems to be one of the most pessimistic and many residents of the city fear that some neighboring countries might interfere if the country was gripped by the post election violence, similar to that of the recent Iranian election. But many Kabul resident fear that the situation in Afghanistan is too fragile and the situation could turn out of control.