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Life at Fairfield University for Ali Abdul Majeed Continues to Be Rewarding

When it comes to receiving an education, Ali Abdul Majeed says it makes you a better person as well as those that cross your path in life. “Education is real important for the person if he is in the United States or any place else because education raise you to a different level intellectually and increases your knowledge that is what makes you a better person in the community and give you a broad idea about the world and people and you can help people, the society and the community we live in.”

The 24 year old has come a long way from home to attend Fairfield University located in Fairfield Connecticut. “I am from Iraq, Baghdad and I choose to come here because there is a program called Iraqi Student Project .This program is from a nonprofit organization, they choose a rescue student from Syria and Jordan that had to discontinue their education in Iraq because of the war and give them the opportunity to come to the United States and complete their education,” he says.

“So Fairfield University they offered me a full scholarship. I applied there and it worked.”

Ali Abdul wants to eventually go to dental school when he finishes so instead of having one major he has taken on two. “I am doing a double major Biology and Math. And I am doing a pre-dental program. I was in dental school before so biology and dentistry is my field I like to study and I choose Math because I am doing really well in Math and it is like a hobby for me I like doing math problems and things like that so I choose these two majors,” he says. “Biology and Math, but I am doing a pre-dental program so that the procedure from Biology to elected basic sciences and then I will be able to go to dental school.”

Being at Fairfield University and getting to know his peers have been enjoyable Ali Abdul says. As he enters his sophomore year, Ali says his class load will increase and he will focus on courses dealing with his major as well as starting a club for international students. “Now, I am in the health professional program which is for the students who want to proceed in health professions in the future and I am taking more major classes, I’m taking organic Chemistry and I am taking Biology and I have been accepted in the honors program for the coming years,” he says.

“And now I am going to start and international club for the international students at Fairfield and I am trying to do that for the semester.”

Not being able to go home to visit has been challenging Ali Abdul says.With the war going on in Iraq, Abdul says he must first finish his degree before going home. “It is so hard to get a visa to come here. It is like you can’t guarantee the visa like for me now I can’t go back home because I am not sure that I would get a visa again,” he says. “I have only one entry visa so I have to stay here and complete my studies before I will be able to go back home because I’ve come here to get the knowledge I need and get a good education so I will be able to go back home and help the people back there and help my country to rebuild.”

Ali Abdul Majeed will graduate from Fairfield University in 2012.