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MDC in a State of Panic, Says Analyst

A political analyst says Zimbabwe's Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party is panicking after Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai called for international intervention in the Zimbabwe political stalemate.

Rejoice Mbwenya said the MDC seems weakened by the refusal of President Robert Mugabe to implement the power sharing deal fully.

This follows calls by Tsvangirai Tuesday for the Southern African Development Community to step up monitoring of the power sharing deal.

The MDC has often accused President Mugabe and his ZANU-PF party of causing the ongoing political crisis by refusing to implement the agreement that led to formation of a unity government.

Mbwenya said that Zimbabweans are uncertain about prospects for the unity government.

"I get worried when I sense a feeling of the anxiety and panic in the MDC Tsvangirai camp," Mbwenya said.

He welcomed the prime minister's call for help.

"I guess he (Tsvangirai) is doing it right by appealing to the regional partners and stakeholders because it is something that he cannot achieve alone anymore," he said.

Mbwenya said the optimism associated with the recent visit of South African President Jacob Zuma was short-lived.

"In the first place when he (Tsvangirai) left Zimbabwe after talking to Jacob Zuma, he had about him an aura of confidence and optimism that SADC was going to take this item on the agenda and deal with it," Mbwenya said.

He said Tsvangirai failed to assert himself at the just ended SADC meeting in Congo.

"Now that SADC has downgraded the item from the full meeting to the Troika and he (Tsvangirai) doesn't seem to have resisted that, I sense that he is kind of floating around and he doesn't really seem to be asserting his position as a prime minister," he said.

Mbwenya expressed little confidence in the Troika to resolve the political crisis.

"The Troika is a very small entity that is likely to subject Tsvangirai to more rigorous interrogation. And I feel that Mugabe having been moved from the grandstand of SADC …he leaves Tsvangirai very exposed," Mbwenya said.

The sticking point of the power sharing has been over the appointment of a central bank chief and chief prosecutor.

Meanwhile, SADC agreed to hold a special session Zimbabwe on finding ways to resolve the political crisis. The regional body also called for an end to sanctions on Zimbabwe.